Premium Quality, Always Fresh, Amazing Smell!

Welcome to our family's tree farm! We work with our Christmas trees year round to make sure they are simply the best for you at Christmas time. They will be fresh, have a beautiful smell, and they will last you to Christmas (with proper care). Some species of trees can last you two months. Check out our tree care section to learn more.

Each tree takes about 12yrs of growing before it is ready to become a Christmas tree. Trees that are 8ft-18ft (depending on the kind of tree it is; some grow faster than others) can take 15-20yrs to reach that cathedral height! That means, our family is working with that one tree for over a decade before it can be sold! 

During the months of June, July, and August, we spend our time shearing and pruning the trees into that beautiful A-shape. Yearly pruning makes the trees really bushy, but it also means the tree is taking longer to grow because we are cutting some of the new growth off. If you watch bush trees growing in the wild, you'll notice they shoot-up pretty quickly, but they aren't that bushy and don't really have an A-shape. If we didn't prune our trees, they would look the same. So, even though it may take us longer to grow our Christmas trees, we prune them to grow them into that beautiful bushy A-shape Christmas tree. 

Join us after Christmas for cross-country skiing. A fresh fallen snow on the trees and the morning sun making the snow look like an endless trail of glitter is simply beautiful. You can bring skis, snowshoes, or a toboggan and just walk around. We also have a sledding hill for the kids.



We'll even tie it down for you!


Freshly cut, every day, in December.

When you see the truck, fresh trees have arrived!

Located at Northgate, Independent parking lot.

North Bay Tree Lot: Sold Out - Closed

Trees are cut fresh EVERY DAY in December

Mondays through Saturdays

- Open 10am-7pm


- Open 10am-5:30pm


- Independent parking lot (Northgate Mall, you can see us from Hwy 11)

- Family farm since 1952

- Fresh Cut daily in December

- Guaranteed to last (with proper care)

- Organically Grown

- No pesticides!

- Local trees

- Our family farm maintains a forest that can provide oxygen for roughly 600,000 people every day!


The Freshest Trees in North Bay.
for over 60yrs!



"Our award-winning trees will always last you to Christmas and that's our guarantee (as long as you're taking care of it!). In fact, depending on the type of tree you get, it can last you up to two months!

We've had customers come back and tell us that they took their tree down in February and not only did it still have all it's needles, but the tree had sprouted new buds!

Our trees are 100% organically grown - no chemicals or pesticides. Our trees are grade A quality, lush, and fresh! We hope you'll come see us this year for Cut-Your-Own at the farm or for a fresh cut tree in North Bay."

Types of Christmas Trees:

cash only

Christmas trees start at $70, tax included as well as a free treat for your kids, while supplies last.

Balsam Fir

Fraser Fir

White Spruce

Blue Spruce

Serbian Spruce

Scots/Scotch Pine

White Pine

Red Pine

​North Bay Nugget says:​

"When it comes to Christmas Trees -

no Charlie Browns here"


Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree

Please:  No Dogs - No Smoking - No Littering


Hours of Operation:


Weekdays in December 2021:

Appointment only: 705-492-4950


Weekends in December 2021:


*Gates lock at 4pm


While Supplies Last:

Kids get a FREE Gingerbread cookie, after they pick out their perfect tree.

*Suzanne spends many late nights baking delicious cookies for the kids in your immediate family. The cookies are our family's "thank you" for getting your Christmas tree from us. Cookies are homemade and given out on a first come, first serve basis. Cookies are not guaranteed with your tree, they are while supplies last; sometimes we run out on very busy days!


No smoking - No dogs - No littering

sorry for any inconvenience, but thank you in advance for your understanding

Bloomfield Rd & HWY 124



Saws and twine are provided

$20 TREE STANDS for sale

$4 TREE BAGS for sale

Cash only please

*Call ahead to visit the farm in November:



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Our Committment:

We show confidence in our trees by personally selling each and every one.  Our locally grown trees are not only more affordable, but also have the best overall value of any Christmas tree sold in North Bay. We work hard to insure you get the highest quality tree.. We plant our trees by hand & prune them by hand, so there is no soil pollution. Additionally, we grow them organically without pesticides. We guarantee our trees to be premium quality, fresh, safe for kids & pets, and will last you til Christmas (with proper care at home).